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FINAL branded marble paper.jpg

Urban Outfitters Wallpaper Collection

In 2022 we pitched removable wallpaper to the Urban Outfitters team as an up-and-coming, flexible product type perfect for the Urban Outfitters' target audience of 18-30-year-olds who are "culturally sophisticated and self-expressive". These removable panels are flexible for those who are renting, wanting to try a bold statement wallpaper they likely won't want forever or looking for a fun DIY like covering drawers or even a fridge! The assortment launched with 5 designs that played into the popular 70's retro-floral theme and quickly grew over the next year to over 20 designs that encompassed already top-selling themes for the brand as well as new seasonal trends I forecasted. 

PROJECT TYPE: Collection Curation

DATE:  A/W 2023

ROLES: Trend Forecasting, Product Merchandising

FINAL branded marble paper.jpg

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