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Ecommerce Merchandising

Personalized Direct-to-Consumer and Business-to-Business merchandising solutions that effectively market products, inspire customers and increase conversion.

Is Not Always More

Consumer behavior reports show that customers crave more than just access; they seek a meaningful and personal shopping experience.

Few are willing to embark on an exhaustive journey through countless pages of products  in hopes of finding the perfect product for them.

Let me help you develop a merchandising strategy and tools that focus on connecting customers with products that resonate with them on a personal level. 

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Product Selection

  • Market trend reporting

  • Competitor benchmark analysis

  • Product priority reccomendations​


Product Strategy
  •  Product Placement

  • Navigation Redesign

  • Search Optimization

  • Product Performance Analysis


Content Creation
  • Tag/filter strategy and implementation

  • Custom collections and shopping experiences

  • PDP audit and improvements

FINAL branded marble paper.jpg

From Buyer to Believer

Let's work together to build and showcase exceptional product

shopping experiences for your customers

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